Hand Magnum

Greenspeed Hand Magnum


Most hand trikes are developed from wheelchairs which add a front drive wheel. The Hand Magnum was developed from GreenSpeed trikes, and has rear wheel drive, with two front steering wheels, offering performance and functionality.


Frame Material7005 Aluminium Alloy
Seat Recline°30-48°
Wheelbase Length41.3”
Box Dimensions33”x29”x18”
Total Weight46 lbs
Steering SystemLinkage
Boom TypeAdjustable
Overall Length (Max)76”
Crankset Height31-37”
Combine Load Limit450 lbs
Seat TypeHeight Adjustable Aluminum
X-Seam Range35-50”
Track Width31.5”
Seat Height12-17”
Turning Dimensions**10’
Component Levels Available54 Spd Shimano
All Dimensions are in inches/feet. All Specifications and Components are subject to change without notice.
* Seat fore/aft adjustment may limit recline range.
** Turning dimensions are from the centerline of the trike. NOTE: The fore/aft setup of the seat may change the turning dimensions slightly.

Surcharge Notice

*Due to unexpectedly high freight costs, a $75 pass-thru surcharge is being added to all trikes in addition to the retail price.