Hase Lepus STEPS

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The LEPUS STEPS with e-motor is a comfortable recumbent trike for recreation, everyday life, special needs, and physical therapy – ideal for anyone looking for a safe way to stay active and mobile.

Comfortable view of the surroundings

The LEPUS scores points with a maximum seat height of 25 inches (63 cm). This lets you pedal comfortably downwards – and ensures that you will “see and be seen” in traffic. The high seat also makes it safe and easy for you to mount and dismount: just lower yourself onto the seat from the side and effortlessly lift one leg over the low frame.

Advantage: safe stopping, safe riding

As a delta trike with a higher seat, the LEPUS STEPS is ideal for people with balance problems. Getting into the seat and maneuvering the trike is as easy as pie, and you can even add a bit of whoosh to your curves, as the seat position between the rear wheels ensures outstanding stability.

Accessories for every need and purpose

Our favorite accessories for everyday use are the “Roller Rack” and “Roller Bag.” The Roller Rack is a luggage rack with wheels and a fold-out pull handle. It can handle heavy cargo, like beverage crates. In combination with the 75-liter, weatherproof Roller Bag, it becomes a practical trolley with a huge carrying capacity!

Equipment Highlights

Shimano Steps mid-motor

No matter how sporty we’d like to be, some­times our strength or willpower runs low. Then it’s time to switch on the quiet Shimano Steps motor. It only provides assistance when you want it to and when the pedals are in motion. Once you’ve reached 15 mph (25 km/h), it switches off automatically.

EVO full suspension

To ensure that the LEPUS can also ride over cobblestones and other bumpy surfaces without losing its cool, the trike has independent rear-wheel suspension with air shocks. This provides not only comfort but also safety.

Foldable frame

Thanks to its foldable frame, the comfortable trike is also easy to pack and transport: e.g. in a compact car. In just three easy steps – without tools – it can be transformed into a small unit measuring as little as 48¾ inches (124 cm) in length.


FrameAluminum, foldable, with frame-quick-adjust assembly
Total length73” – 83½” (186 – 212 cm)
Total width35” (89 cm)
Total height37½” (95 cm)
Seat height24¾” (63 cm)
Bottom bracket height17” (43 cm)
Dimensions when folded48¾” x 35” x 24” (124 x 89 x 61 cm)
Front boomAluminum
Max. load309 lb (140 kg)
Weight67.2 lb (30.5 kg)
Pedelec motorShimano Steps E6100
Battery504 Wh
Drive systemHASE BIKES Differential
Gear systemAlfine Di2 8-speed internal hub
SuspensionHASE BIKES EVO rear-wheel suspension, independent wheel suspension with sway bar and air shocks
Brake systemCoupled brakes / with parking brake lever / right lever for hydraulic rear-wheel brakes / left lever for mechanical front-wheel brake
WheelsFront 16” / rear 20” / black aluminum double-walled rims / SAPIM stainless-steel spokes
FendersSKS matte black
Crankset170 mm, 44 tooth
LightingLights powered by motor battery: B+M IQ-X headlight / B+M Toplight 2C Plus taillight
ColorCarmine red, semi-gloss